Sarah Luton

Portfolio: Landscapes

I try and paint en plein air whenever possible. Painting outdoors has it's difficulties, not only with carrying the materials and canvas but also the constant changing light and the weather. However it is worth it as I feel I capture something extra than if I work from a photograph. I have extra stimuli such as the sounds and smell, the wind, the heat or cold. Sometimes I am aware of birds and insects and the occassional. Dog walkers may cross my path and if i'm quick enough I might add them to the painting.

If I have time, I work in water mixable oil and on other occasions I will use watercolour for convenience. Sometimes I take just a camera and a sketch book with charcoal or a pen. 

My subject matter varies. I love painting trees and water and many of my paintings are of local scenes in Berkshire, including paintings of the River Thames.